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The primary thing I have learned from the 8-week Introduction to NVC Seminar was to be able to slow down. To slow down before reacting to the events around me… I started to make observations. I started to be aware of my emotions and needs. And, above all, as a result of these, to be able to make requests. Self-introspection and to reach ourselves with compassion were very valuable. It was also very comforting to talk to our trainer and participants in our group. That time was used very efficiently in all the sessions was very good. Özgen answered all our questions with good grace at all times. To start the sessions with meditation was very good for me, so I wished there was one more at the closing of the session. I thought at the beginning that I would not be able to talk in front of other people but we were so comfortable sharing our thoughts that I felt right at home.




Just when I was thinking “how on earth would I be able to learn NVC, I can’t quite get out of the city, so how can I make it happen”, I saw Özgen’s invitation for online training. I was in the middle of a domestic war with my son and the training was called “What if We Understood What the Kids are Saying...” It is as if a magic wand touched on our communication with my son. Özgen and Özenç, I can’t thank you enough…,

AH, Malatya, Turkey



The 8-week Introduction to NVC Seminar has been inspiring for me to steer clear of my thoughts and to make objective observations instead, to connect with my emotions and to identify my needs as well as to communicate more compassionately with myself and others I am connected to. I am infinitely grateful to Özgen for making this available online and meeting my needs for community, growth and development in the comfort of my home. The material she presented and her answers to my questions were satisfactory. She had equal time for everyone to speak, she inspired us with her lively examples that touched our lives. She helped us untangle our thoughts into observations, feelings, needs and ultimately requests,  all the while keeping her warmth and spirits, despite the physical distance online training introduces. At each stage of the 6-week training, I listened to all participants with interest and I was able to keep in connection almost all the time. As she was effectively managing the time, she was giving empathic support to me or the others and she was contributing to our growth, she used the NVC terminology powerfully enough to touch my soul and she inspired me.


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