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Who do I think I am...


She got acquainted with Nonviolent Communication in 2013, through the ecology communities she was a part of. Since 2014, she has been organising Nonviolent Communication trainings in various cities in Turkey. She was one of the organisers of the first IIT (Intensive Nonviolent Communication Training) in Turkey in 2016. She has been offering online short-term and long-term programmes to Turkish-speaking participants living in different parts of the world since 2018. In the past four years, the Nonviolent Communication Annual Programme, which she prepared with her fellow trainers, has reached more than 100 teachers. As of 2022, they have been supporting five teachers among these trainees through mentoring and they have been organising NVC in Schools-Experience Exchange Meetings with teachers.


In 2019, Özgen completed the certification process and became a Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer, and is now one of the 11 certified trainers in Turkey.

Between 2019 and 2022, she worked as a consultant for a company in Germany with the aim of implementing Nonviolent Communication in organisations. With the knowledge and experience she gained there, she continues to provide consultancy and trainings in various large-scale companies in Turkey.  


She launched the Nonviolent Communication Online Practice Evenings in 2019, with the intention of establishing nonviolent systems in the collaborating communities. With the intention of practicing Nonviolent Communication, these evenings have hosted more than 5000 people from different segments of society, with a special focus to be accessible for everyone. To date, 12 different people have contributed in this organization and experienced NVC in organizations. Furthermore, this organisation has brought together more than 15 trainers from abroad with the community in Turkey. These new trainers support Turkish NVC community in gaining new learning and new experiences. 


In 2020, she founded the Nonviolent Communication Collection publishing house together with her co-founders and has been voluntarily managing its financial affairs. The Nonviolent Communication Collection has published 3 books and 7 booklets so far and brings together the books on Nonviolent Communication published in Turkey.


Özgen continues to learn Nonviolent Communication and to enrich her knowledge and experience with online and face-to-face trainings. Most recently, she attended the IIT in Germany in 2022, with 65 participants from 18 different countries and 5 trainers from 3 different countries, adding another experience to her learning journey. 


Providing mediation support to parties in conflict, Özgen also supports indivituals with empathic coaching and organisations with corporate trainings. With her focus on building Nonviolent Systems, introducing Nonviolence into collaborations and all organisations, creating awareness of power and privileges, bringing peace to /improving peace in romantic relationships and facilitating cultural change in learning systems, Özgen lives in Germany with her husband and her cats, while her heart is always beating in her home in rural Çanakkale.

Who do I think I am...


You can see the list of the trainings I have taken during my NVC journey here.

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