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attended trainings...

  • 2-13 January  2013,  Ankara-Turkey, "Self Empathy" with Eva Rambala

  • 02-03 February 2013, İstanbul-Turkey "NVC Introductory Course" with Vivet Alevi

  • December 2013-June 2014, İstanbul-Turkey "2013-2014 NVC Yearly Programme" with Vivet Alevi

  • 06-13 September 2014, Çıralı/Antalya, "NVC Family Camp" with Vivet Alevi

  • 18-19 April 2015, İstanbul-Turkey "Blame Free Living" with Francois Beausoleil

  • 19-26 September 2015, Çıralı/Antalya-Turkey "NVC Family Camp" with Vivet Alevi

  • 3-12 June 2016, Marmaris-Turkey, "IIT Turkey", Organizer and participant, with  VivetAlevi, Robert Krisiznik, Ian Peatey, Simran Kaur and Liv Larsson

  • 19-22 June, Bolu-Turkey, "Mentoring and Assessment Days Turkey" with Marianne Sikor, Vivet Alevi, Stephan Seibert

  • 6-8 January 2017,İstanbul-Turkey "Emphatic Reconciliation" with Stephan Seibert

  • 19-21 May 2017, İstanbul-Turkey "Anger, Shame and Guilt" with Liv Larsson

  • November-December 2017,Online Training,  "Life Transitions", with Kathleen Macfarren and Mary Mckanzie

  • December 2017, Online Training, "Principle-Based Approach to Teaching NVC Basics" with Miki Kashtan

  • December 2017, Online Training, "Dharma not Drama" with Mary Mckenzie

  • 17-19 December 2017, İstanbul-Turkey, "Transforming my Past Pains and Accepting My-self" with Stephan Seibert

  • 25-28 January 2018, İstanbul-Turkey, "Mentoring Assessment Days Turkey" with Vivet Alevi, Towe Withstrand and Stephan Seibert

  • April-June 2018, Online Training, "Letting Go and Being Free" with Robert Gonzales

  • 21-24 March 2019, Polonezköy-İstanbul, "Mentoring Assessment Days Turkey" with Vivet Alevi, Marianne Sikor, co-assessor in trainer: Hagid Lifshitz, guest trainers: Deniz Spatar and Judy Bleil Saruhan

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